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“I understand well community dynamics and what it takes to effect real change. I am looking forward to the election campaign to outline where we need to go to foster our economy, to face our social challenges together and to put in place the environmental awareness needed to ensure the Campbell River area grows in a sustainable manner in the years to come.”

Vote Ken Blackburn for Campbell River City Council this October 15th!


Community Partnerships

The key to positive, sustainable community development is to foster collaboration across the social, economic, cultural and environmental sectors of a community. When we work together, we all succeed.

City communications

The City, through its messaging, must assume a leading role in establishing a positive communications strategy.  It is important that we promote the complexity of community challenges. 

Community Health & Wellbeing

  We must recognize that the challenges of poverty, addictions, abuse, and marginalization are all contributing factors to how we measure community health. It is important to include the physical, mental, and emotional health of our residents when considering “community health”

Strategic PLanning

Reviewing the Sustainable Official Community Plan will be a priority.  We need to build on our existing strengths and identify new areas within which to build capacity.  As a sector, Arts, Heritage and Culture need to be strengthened within the current city management.



Ken has been responsible for over 700 community programs within Campbell River, including the Living History Program for the Museum and the Art + Earth Initiative for the Arts Council.

Heritage & Cultural Development

Ken has been a driving force for culture and heritage development in the Campbell River region. As a sector, arts, heritage and culture need to be strengthened within the current city management.


organizational Leadership

Ken Blackburn has lived and worked in Campbell River for the past 17 years.  He is currently the Executive Director of the Campbell River Arts Council and Program Manager for the Museum at Campbell River.  He holds a BFA from Queens University and an MFA from the University of Windsor.

collaboration & Volunteerism

Ken supports an equal relationship between the private sector and the not-for-profit sector within our community. Both contribute to a local quality of life and are dependent on each other for economic success. Volunteerism is at the heart of economic growth. Campbell River can benefit greatly from new thinking around volunteerism, notably with a focus on youth participation.

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